12 Binge Worthy Adventure Series You Should Be Watching Right Now

Take your mind off the craziness for a while and treat yourself to these rad series.

Man in front of helicopter surrounded by ice.
Photo by Cody Townsend.

The Fifty Project – Cody Townsend is a pro free-skier attempting to ski the 50 classic descents across North America. Each episode takes you inside the process of not only skiing down these epic couloirs, but the process of getting there safely.

Watch on Youtube.

Photo by Netflix.

The Horn – Zermatt is one of the busiest mountain communities in the world. Access to the alpine is ridiculously easy. That means there’s a lot of accidents and a lot of rescues. This series is raw and uncensored. It’s a great reminder of what can happen in the mountains if you’re not careful.

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Photo by RedBull Media House.

The Fourth Phase – The biggest snowboard production in history. Traveling along the Pacific weather cycle from Japan, Kamchatka, Alaska, and finally the Tetons. The making of this production is nothing short of extraordinary. This series is an eye opener of what it takes to film in remote locations.

Watch on RedBull TV.

Photo by Netflix.

Night On Earth – Until recently, no one could have imagined camera technology being so advanced that we can literally film scenes in the dark. Because the animal kingdom is so active after dark, this is an amazing way to see how animals truly behave.

Photo by Netflix.

Night On Earth Shot In The Dark – Behind the scenes of how these filmmakers managed to capture some of the most stunning wildlife shots ever recorded.

Photo by National Geographic.

The Big Freeze – Northern Canada really gets its’ moment in the limelight with National Geographic’s The Big Freeze. Recorded at the edge of the Canadian Arctic where the ocean freezes.

Watch on Youtube.

Photo by National Geographic.

The Making Of The Big Freeze – Wildlife filmmaker Bertie Gregory films this series in one of the most remote regions on the planet. The making of this mini series is almost more incredible than the series itself!

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Photo by Salmon.

Salomon Freeski Tv – This series is like the perfect background series to have on all day long. It’s kind of like having Friends playing in the background while you clean, cook and chill. The visuals just get better and better after every season and episode. Once you’re finished this series you’ll feel like you’ve traveled the world twice over.

Watch on Youtube.

Photo by National Geographic.

America’s National Parks – We can’t all be at these National Parks all the time. This series is a great escape.

Watch on Disney+.

Photo by Joonas Mattila.

Endless Winter – The problem with chasing snow around the world is that your carbon footprint contributes to the melting of it. If we plan to ski powder forever, there must be a way to do it without the negative side-effects of travel.

Watch on Youtube.

Photo by National Geographic.

Life Below Zero – Granted, this series is a little unimpressive if you live in Canada like we do. As I write this, it’s 30 degrees below zero in Alberta. It’s mid March. For those of us not fortunate enough to live so far north of the equator, this is a great series shining a light on how remote communities and people live off the grid and brave the cold.

Watch On Netflix.

Photo by Getting The Shot – Stevin Tuchiwsky

Getting The Shot – We’ve only just produced the first episode, however we will be filming new episode monthly. If you haven’t watched the premiere, check it out! If you have, subscribe to our youtube channel and make sure you have the bell turned on so you get a notification as the next episodes get released.

Watch on Youtube.

Let us know some series we might have missed on this list. What are you watching?

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